All My Exes Fingerless Mittens Pattern

It’s no secret that I’m always cold. I’m the one who bumps up the thermostat, hides under multiple blankets, and can’t live without a heating pad. BUT, I absolutely, positively HATE having my fingers covered. My happy medium is fingerless mittens!

I love the versatility of these chunky mitts. My hands stay warm and my fingers are free to, well, do whatever I need them to!


I created this pattern with my history of office work in mind. Even in the middle of a heatwave, I would find myself frozen at my desk, fingers too stiff and numb from the cold to type with any sort of speed. A short cuff and breathable pattern make these gloves a sensible choice for any season in the office, while the texture adds a bit of flair to pop with any outfit.

Introducing “All My Exes” fingerless mittens, for all my frozen ex-offices, and the X stitch used throughout the pattern.

Click here to download the FREE pattern in PDF format!

Please do not copy or distribute this pattern without written authorization. Completed objects may be sold with proper credit for pattern.


All My ExesFingerless MittenCrochet Patterndinner favorites

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